Interactive English for Basisscholen - Peter Pan

    Let your pupils' imagination fly!


    Don't just take our word for it...

    “At first, I thought it wouldn’t be fun (maybe because I’m not a fan of performing) but when we got on with the show, it turned out to be amazing actually, so thanks for that!”


    “The workshop today was so much fun! We had a lovely time and I liked it a lot; Mainly because it was not only about having fun, but we learned how to be more confident:D The only disappointing thing is that we have to wait A WHOLE YEAR until you come back☹. Can’t wait!”  


    "I enjoyed last night’ show at xxxxxxx. I never saw something so entertaining with young childeren. It was done so well and kept me excited for long afterwards. Compliments for your team. I think the childeren learned a lot more than in their regular lessons (English, History, Drama)."


    “We had an outstanding evening, a first class night out! We didn’t really know what to expect, we tought we’d just go to our daughters’ school and watch ‘a performance’.
    Well, it was a performance, but it was so much more! We can seriously recommend this to any school anywhere outside the UK - and even in the UK itself. Truly an unforgetable experience; maybe even life changing for some pupils in a positive way. Schools&teachers: in case you didn’t do it already, book these Phileas Fogg-guys now. Do it.”