Interactive English for Basisscholen - Peter Pan

Day Workshops are held during the day without an audience


Peter Pan

Peter Pan

This has been specifically written for 7th & 8th grade pupils.

It is 100% interactive, which means no one just sits and watches.

Your pupils become pirates, the Lost boys, Redskins, mermaids etc.

Each workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes.

It is tremendous fun!

Primary School Workshop

Most British primary schools use drama exercises and games to help educate children.  Our primary school workshop follows the same proven format.

We take your pupils on a journey, starting with simple exercises and games.  As their use of English and confidence increases, they finish by presenting their own short play.  (They are always a joy to watch!)

Each workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes.

They are tremendous fun!

Primary Teachers Workshop

The exercises and games they will all experience, can give them new ideas and concepts which will be useful in the classroom.

We cover team building, communications, body language, trust, presentation skills etc.

Each workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Yes, it's tremendous fun!

Don't just take our word for it...